Useful Links

Associations and Federations

The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Our governing body.

The Devon and Somerset Condors. The local flying club for hang gliders and paragliders.

The Civil Aviation Authority The governing body of non-military aviation in the UK.

The FAI World air sports federation.

Flyability. Help getting disabled people in the air. Many things are possible with persistance and cunning.

Weather Forecasts

BBC weather. General easy to understand weather.

Meteoblue Lewes. Weather to paraglide near Lewes?

Expert weather online (isotachs) Useful and accurate wind speed prediction.

Met Office The UK weather gods.

Met office charts Met office synoptic charts for the coming week.

NOAA Official weather from American met office.

Metcheck Weather for UK airfields.

Windguru Intended for sailors, useful wind predictions.

Aviation forecasts

Weatherjack Gliding weather.

Regional Atmospheric Soaring Predictions (RASP) All the forecast data the soaring pilot could want.

Met office aviation forecasts Useful official detail about our kind of weather, especially the balooning forecasts.

Live weather data

XC weather Live reports from UK airfields, well presented.

Wendy Windblows Live from hill tops and beaches. Useful phone service available.

Satellite pictures

BBC cloud and rain Observed and predicted.

BBC Southern Counties cloud and rain Observed and predicted.

Met office visual Latest visible light picture.

Met office infra red Latest IR picture, indicated temperature (height) of clouds.

Weather online Polar High resolution polar image.