Terms and Conditions

Sky Safaris Tandem flight voucher terms and conditions

  1. All vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date they are issued.
  2. Vouchers will not be issued until funds have been cleared.
  3. The student is to book available dates.
  4. On the evening before the instructor will send an email/text out to those on an availability list. The first to reply will be confirmed with details of the suitable time and place. No shows will count as completed flights and the voucher will no longer be valid. If conditions deteriorate and flights are not offered the voucher will remain valid.
  5. Vouchers are only transferable with Sky Safaris agreement.
  6. Sky Safaris will endeavour to fulfil the voucher however reserve the right not to if it is not safe to do so. Factors that affect safety are: weather, pilot and passenger health, passenger clothing/shoes and other factors that may occur that are site or day specific. Obviously it is not safe if the pilot or passenger are under the influence of drink or drugs.
  7. The decision to fly is the instructors alone.
  8. If a student does not come to a booking the voucher is invalidated.
  9. Full refunds are offered if 3 shows still do not result in a flight.
  10. A helmet is mandatory and will be provided. It is advisable to wear long trousers, ankle supporting shoes/boots and long sleeves.